September 27, 2023

Passport Photo Requirements

Passport photo requirements

If you are a citizen of New Zealand and if you are opting for a passport, there are some requirements that you have to meet. If you are confused about what are the requirements for the passport photo requirements, then look nowhere else. We will guide you in this matter. Thus, carry on with your reading and clear all your confusions and doubts.

Technical requirements

In the case of the online passport system, the photo must meet the requirements like:

  • A portrait photo of which the aspect ratio will be 4:3.
  • The images must be in either jpg or jpeg format.
  • The size of the image must be confined within 250 kb to 10 MB.
  • The wideness will be between 900 to 4500 pixels and it will be high between 1200 to 6000 pixels.

Scanned photos are not acceptable for the passport service.

In case of paper photos

  • There will be two identical photos, which will be printed on the photo quality of the paper.
  • The dimension will be 35mm X 45mm.

Photo requirements

  • There should be no background shadow or uneven lighting on the face.
  • The image must be unaltered.
  • There should be a gap around the head.
  • There must be significant contrast between the image and the background.
  • The face must be in full view.
  • Make sure that eyes are clearly visible.
  • The expression must be neutral.

For the babies

It will be best for you if you lay your baby flat on the sheet, which must be of plain color. And make sure that it is firmly fixed in the floor or the base.

One must take the photo above the baby and the baby must face the front of the camera, with his or her eyes open. The face should be in full view with no people or objects in the background.

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