September 27, 2023

NZ Passport – Required Documents and Eligibility

NZ Passport – Required Documents and Eligibility

New Zealand passports are issued to the New Zealand citizens for the purpose of international travel by the Department of internal affairs. New Zealand passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world.

New Zealand Passport validates the identity and nationality of the holders and assists the holder for international travel.

Eligibility for the New Zealand Passport Here you can check the eligibility of the New Zealand passport as follows

  • Candidate should be Citizen of New Zealand
  • Candidate should consist valid identification proof
  • Candidate age should be 16 years or above
  • Candidate should have a RealMe verified account

Note: if the citizens are applying passport for first time through online, then they need to have A RealMe verified account

Required Documents: If the Citizen consists RealMe verified account, then those applicants need not provide any witness, documents etc…

If a citizen doesn’t consist a RealMe verified account they have to submit the below original certificates

  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Identification proof

Eligibility and Documents Require for Renewal of New Zealand Passport

Eligibility:New Zealand citizens who are applying for passport renewal, they need to meet eligibility criteria as follows

  • Applicant should be a citizen of New Zealand
  • Applicant must consist of current or recent passport
  • Candidate age must be 16 years or above and
  • Candidate should consist of a RealMe verified account

An applicant who is not eligible for renewing passport:

  • if the applicant passport is stolen and lost
  • if the applicant is applying for the first time
  • if the application name is changed to that of the previous passport

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