September 27, 2023

Change Your Name in New Zealand Passport

Change Your Name in New Zealand Passport

New Zealand passport is very important documents in the world, you need to be a citizen of New Zealand if you want New Zealand passport. Want to change your name in the passport then this article will guide you completely about the process to change your name in the passport.

You can change your name in New Zealand if:

  • You are you are 18 years and above
  • if you born here or are in NZ citizen or you are entitled to live here indefinitely
You can change your name to:

You can change your name or part of your name.

Your name should consist one surname and one or more other names. If, you have religious, philosophical or cultural reasons to have only one name and you have to include a letter of explanation with your application

Require Documents to change your name in New Zealand Passport:

Photo ID:

Anyone copy of the following

  • firearms or dealer’s license
  • defense force or police service photo identity card
  • passport
  • driver licence
  • 18+ Card or overseas proof of age card.
  • NZ emergency travel document
  • NZ certificate of identity (which is issued on the passport act 1992 or immigration act 2009)
  • NZ refugee travel document
The new name might not be accepted if it’s:

  • Unpleasant
  • Longer than 100 characters with space
  • If any official title or rank or resembles one (example- king, prince, Royal, princess or justice) in case if you want that name you need to justify them spelled with symbols and numbers
of identity in the community:

  • bank statement
  • lease or tenancy agreement
  • utility account bill
  • rates notice
  • Super Gold card
  • Inland Revenue tax statement
  • electoral roll record
  • Confirmation of permit status from Immigration NZ.
  • motor vehicle registration
  • student or tertiary identity card
  • educational certificate or school report
  • trade certificate
  • certificate of approval or license issued by the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority
  • Steps to Freedom form

The process to apply:

Fill the application form accurately

Find an authorized person to sign the statutory declaration; you have to show you’re valid photo id to the person who takes your statutory declaration, the most common options are

  • Notary public
  • Judge
  • Justice of the Peace
  • High court lawyer
  • Registrar of births, marriages, and Deaths

Pay the Fee It costs $170 to change your name With payment mood

  • Money order or international bank draft
  • Cheque made out to the Department of Internal Affairs
  • Credit card

you need an official record of your name change, you can also order

  • name change certificate (if you born overseas)
  • new birth certificate (if you were born in NZ)
  • new marriage certificate (if you were married in NZ )

Email or Post your form and documents:

Scan and email your form and documents, along with your payment details to Or you can post your documents and forms, along with your payments to

New Zealand

  • Name change team
  • Births, Deaths, and Marriages
  • Department of Internal Affairs
  • Po Box 10-526
  • Wellington 6143


  • Death, Birth, and Marriages
  • Department of Internal Affairs
  • GPO Box 365
  • Sydney
  • New South Wales 2001


  • Birth, Death, and Marriages
  • Department of Internal Affairs
  • New Zealand House
  • 80 Haymarket
  • London SW1Y4TQ

This new birth certificate or name change certificate will be posted about 3 weeks or you will be confirmed through email or letter.

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