September 27, 2023

Passport Renewal Requirements

Requirements to Renew the NZ Passport

One might require renewal of passport when the passport is lost, damaged or stolen. It can be a very complicated procedure to understand if you do not know what to do after the loss of the passport. Here, you can check out how to apply for a renewal passport and what you require for it. One very essential thing is to be 16 years to apply.

Things that you will need –

  • Details of the previous passport, including date of issue, name and passport number
  • Digital photo in last six months and not older than that they have to be in the JPEG an JPG format
  • Detail s of the referee- name, email address, date of birth, phone number.
  • You can pay through Prezzi card, PayPal, electronic bank transfer.
  • The passport will cost $191.

Renew your passport using the paper form:

  1. When you have to renew an expired or a current passport
  2. When you want to change the name of the last passport issued.
  3. When the passport is not stolen, damaged or lost.
  4. When your passport is an official or a diplomatic passport.

One can also apply for a children’s passport along with your own, and by that, you can submit and pay for the application for an application as a family group. One has to be a parent or a legal guardian to renew the passports for their children. Every applicant will be given an individual reference number.

One needs to complete its own application first and then add the child’s application. During the payment, one can pay collectively for the entire family group includes the child as well

Here are a few essential steps of getting a passport –

Change of name – the name on the existing passport must match your official name. You must apply for a new passport if you have changed the name.

Witness/referee- one has to be a witness or a referee to identify you.

Consent for a child – To renew a child’s passport, you must confirm a child’s identity.

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