September 27, 2023

Report a Lost Stolen or Damaged New Zealand Passport

Report a Lost Stolen or Damaged New Zealand Passport

Majority of people can effortlessly replace their passport from anywhere around the globe.  In case, if your passport is lost or stolen, you have to inform the authority as soon as possible. Here, we are going to guide you about what to do if your passport is lost or stolen.

What if someone needs to travel urgently and his or her passport is lost or stolen?

If your passport is lost or stolen and you have an urgency about traveling, you have to call the authority right away. The contact numbers are:

0800 22 50 50 (Only for New Zealand)

+64 (4) 463 9360 (If someone is staying overseas).

And if you need your passport within 3 working days, it will be best for you if you apply online. It will be quicker for you.

If the passport is lost or stolen

You have to call the authority immediately if you have lost your passport or someone has stolen it. We have already provided you with the contact numbers. Also, it is recommended that, you must inform the case to police. Whenever you will call the authority, you need to provide the authority with some information like:

  • Your passport number
  • Approximate date or time when you lost your passport.
  • The city or the country from where it was stolen.
  • The police report reference number only if you have it.

Some details that you have to submit to replace the stolen or lost passport

  • A colored and jpg or jpeg format digital photo, which is taken in the last 6 months.
  • Some details of the referee like their passport number, phone number, name, date of birth or email address.
  • Details of credit card, debit card and prezzi card. Eftpos, electronic bank transfer and paypal is not required.

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