September 27, 2023

Renew Your Passport And Replace the Existing One

How to Renew your Passport

If you have a damaged passport or your passport is lost or expired, you have an option to apply for a new one/renew and replace the old. The steps below will guide you through the process of passport replacement and renewal in New Zealand. The new passport application will cost you $191, and you can have it in 10 working days. You must be 16 years and above to apply online. You will need a name, Email address, permanent address, phone number, date of birth.

Few things to know when applying online –

  • Replace the existing passport by applying online
  • If you want to change your name on the passport, you can apply online.
  • Apply online if your passport is stolen, damaged or lost.

To replace/renew passport you must have –

  1. Have a passport which is currently damaged, stolen or lost
  2. A passport size digital photograph
  3. RealMe login because it is essential and if you do not have then you must create one during the online application.
  4. Use the New Zealand Prezzy card or a Credit card to pay for the passport.

For the paper form –

Two forms that you can use while renewing or replacing the passport and it will depend on your situation. You may fill up the Adult renewal form if you wish to-

  • Replace or renew the present or the missing passport.
  • To change your name since the issue of the last passport had a mistake in it
  • Apply for a new passport if the current one is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Apply for a new one when your passport is a diplomatic or official one

For the new Passport application form, you can apply when –

  1. The passport is stolen, damaged or lost.
  2. Change of name since the issue of your last passport.
  3. Change of gender since your last passport was issued.
  4. You will need a new passport when you have a printed endorsement of the observation page of the latest passport.

Here are Five steps to make it easier for you-

Take your photo – you have to use a professional photographer to take a clear photograph of your where you have visible eyes and natural expression, the shoulder must show and there must be a gap above your head.

Find a referee – You need to find a referee or a witness who can identify you and conform to the authority when you say who you are, and they must not be from your family.

Apply online- Fill the online application form with all the required details, passport number and date of issue.

Upload your photo – The passport photo that you upload after scanning must be less than 6 months old, over 250kB and in portrait format.

Pay and submit – the payments have to be done online, and once the payment procedure is done, you can submit the form right away.

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