September 27, 2023

Renew a Child Passport

Renew a Child Passport

A child’s passport that is stolen, damaged or expired and that is the reason why one must follow the right ways to renew it and get it delivered right at home within 10 working days and in just $111. People under 16 are considered as children, and they can apply for a child passport.

The necessary things that you will need to renew or replace a child’s passport –

  1. First, you must have a child’s passport, which is expired, stolen or damaged.
  2. Create a RealMe account because you will need it no matter what you will need this one while creating an online application.
  3. The passport details of the witness or referee who has to be a non-family member and must know the child for more than one year or since birth. The more the witness knows about the child, the better.
  4. Digital photo of the child (passport size)
  5. New Zealand Prezzy Card or Credit card can be used to make the payments for the online service

It will cost you $111 for the standard services, the passport will be delivered to your homes in 10 working days, and the urgent service will cost you $302. You will need a passport size photo of your child, and you must fill up the PDF form that you need to fill up with all the details before sending.  It is a very easy process, and you just have to fulfill the requirements.

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