September 27, 2023

About RealMe Account

About RealMe Account

Well, RealMe is nothing but a secured way to prove your online identity. With RealMe on your side, you can easily log in to numerous government sites as well as services. In case of some organization, they only require a RealMe login but for the other sites a verified RealMe identity is required.

About RealMe login

A RealMe login is a single username and password. You can utilize your RealMe account for the sake of logging into numerous online services like Inland Revenue account or whenever you are renewing your passport.

Where you can use RealMe?

With the help of RealMe verified account you can prove and validate your online identity. There is numerous purposes, which can be served like:

  • Open a bank about
  • Applying for your first passport
  • Whenever you are enrolling for the vote.

If you want to apply for a verified RealMe identity, you need to have a RealMe login and to meet other requirements as well.

How to create a RealMe account?

Well, it is quite effortless to create a RealMe account. There are few steps that you have to follow.

  1. You have to create a RealMe password and username. After that you will be able to log into innumerable number of sites that works around New Zealand.
  2. You have to add your personal information like:
  • Identity
  • Address
  1. Share your information with the organizations that are in the need of it

Whenever you are signing for the services that need RealMe service, you have to approve some information that RealMe will share. All you have to do is to click to the consent and you will approve your details. It is a very painless, quick and it will be under your control. With the help of this verified information you can do numerous things like:

  • Apply for a student loan.
  • Order certificates like birth, death and marriage certificate.

So, these are the aspects that you need to know about RealMe.

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