September 27, 2023

Apply For a Child Passport

How to Apply for a Child Passport

Similar to the adults, even the children have their own procedures to follow, as it is necessary that every human being needs a passport to travel in a Foreign country. All children under the age of 16 including babies, can apply.

The points below will tell you what you need to know about applying for a child’s passport. A paper application form that you need to send after filling in all the personal details.

The standard service costs $111, and it takes 10 working days to process the passport, and for the urgent service one needs to pay $302, and the processing takes up to 3 working days. The passport will be valid for a span of 5 years. After the arrival of the passport, children above 10 years must sign the passport on page number 3. For children under 10 years, the signature is not necessary or required.

What you need-

  1. Firstly, you need consent from the guardian or the parent.
  2. Two digital passport photos are required.
  3. The passport details of a witness who has to be a non-family member who has known the child at least for a year. They must sign the back of a passport photo, sign and read the witness section.

The passport application form for children must be duly filled with all personal details.
The entire application form is 13 pages in total, and each section has to be rightly filled with accurate information about the child, the family. There are various sections in the form, and one of the sections is required to be filled to declare the consent.
There is a requirement for a signature in this section.
The form will also require the child’s date of birth details, the entitlement of the passport, emergency contact, and witness section. All the sections are to be carefully filled by the guardian /parent of the child before submission.

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